Magic Types:

Fire: Traditional Fire/Thermodynamics, Plasma/Fusion, Light, Summon.

Air: Traditional Air, Electricity, Sound, Summon

Water: Traditional Water, Ice/Cold, Toxic, Summon

Earth: Traditional Earth, Seismic, Magnetism (restricted), Plant Manipulation, Summon

Synergy aka Body & Mind: Healing (the nitty gritty of the body), Mental/Technomancer? (Know how things work, manipulate tech), Fleshcrafting (manipulation of own body), Necromancy (restricted), Beastmaster, Causality/Luck (restricted), Summon

Aether: Gravity, Radiation (restricted), Teleportation/Phasing, Inertia (speed, etc), Summon

Magi-tech & arcane items (wands, etc) are used to help focus magics, and be less draining on the user. Required to cast spells of current tier. Preceding tiers can be cast without the item.

Spells require components? (crystalized elder blood, items tied to element)

'Mana' = crystalized blood of an Elder Thing, mined by Horizon Industries. Slang name: Rock Candy.

Magic and high-tech don't really mesh.

Slang term for mage: Spellbanger? Whizbang(er)

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